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Paglia Vera
Faggio Massello
Stoffa Rigata Rossa

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Tinta Noce Scuro
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Laccato Bianco
Laccato Nero


SKU: #L12

The chair "Lira"
is made of beech wood, hand painted in Italy and available both in standard colors and upon request. The seats are available in straw, solid wood, upholstered both in standard finishes and upon request.

Parcel dimensions:

Straw/ Wood
H950x450x540mm - The parcel contains 2 chairs.
H990x450x540mm - The parcel contains 2 chairs.

Product dimensions:
Seat width: Straw/ Upholstered 425 mm, Wood 450mm
Seat depth: Straw/ Upholstered 350 mm, Wood 370mm
Seat height: 460mm
Backrest height: 930mm

Please notice:
Actual product dimensions may vary.